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Jednodielnych Plaviek Plus Veľkosť Plaviek Ženy Retro Vintage Lete Trikini Veľké Plavky Čalúnená Plaviek Patchwork



Dostupnosť :Skladom


Štítky: trikini žena, plavki pre ženy, plaviek, plavky, plavky ženy, pláž nosiť, brucho plavky, zlaté plavky, ol ženy oblek, plavky ženy.


  • Názov Značky: SHEDUO
  • Materiál: Spandex
  • Fit: Hodí pravda, veľkosť, vziať svoju normálnu veľkosť
  • Pohlavie: ŽENY
  • Šport Typ: Plávať
  • Číslo Modelu: SD9061
  • Vzor Typ: Mozaika
  • Položka Druh: Jeden Kusov

Swimsuit is very large, took HL on its 50th size and drowned in it, height 172, it is at very high 180 and higher... I will change ..

Vinogradova Dash (2020-11-26)

Fast delivery, good packing, cap as a gift. This all the pluses end. Long chose the size, eventually chose on the size grid and customer reviews., 5XL turned out to be great in size for two, and given the fact that the fabric is very thin and strongly stretches, and therefore, in the water will stretch even more, it was possible to take and three sizes smaller. I have a height of 164, a swimsuit height of 170-180! How did the Chinese have such a growth? Og121, OT100, OB 120. Bra wear D 44/100 (well, if correctly sewn). The swimsuit should have a breast size F, or even more! But to hold the chest will not, because The fabric is thin and the mesh is thin, and the cups are only in the center small, they themselves hang out like a city .. In PR .. E. On my not small tummy assemblies can not be seen, there was only one fold under the stomach and it all looks terrible in the compartment. The fabric is sooooo thin. And the cap for swimming as a gift will only fit the child up to a year. In general, eslib saw in the store, went around the tenth Road.

Grey Zodiak (2021-01-04)

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